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<Tomato Chicken Pho> Our recommended menu

The homemade tomato sauce made with lemon grass and fresh tomatoes served in conjunction with the switch Kinfo!

The light tomato sauce is appetizing.


Pho, a noodle dish that represents Vietnamese cuisine
Soup cooked for a long time with meat and vegetables, gluten-free noodles made from rice flour, herbs containing essential minerals, spices that increase metabolism, chicken and beef proteins, all of which are condensed in a well-balanced manner in Vietnam. It is said, "I don't know the doctor with a cup of pho every day."

"Home Authentic Vietnam Pho" allows you to enjoy the taste offered in the store as it is at home.

Our specialty soup is a light soup made by boiling meat and vegetables such as onions and white onions for a long time, and the soup is vacuum-packed and frozen to spoil the taste. You can easily make a full-fledged pho just by warming it.


The noodles are made from rice flour, so even people with wheat allergies can enjoy it with confidence.
It also comes with dried green onions and dried coriander imported directly from Vietnam, so you can feel like Vietnam at home.

We do not use any chemical seasonings, so please enjoy the last drop with confidence!

The taste is our original pho, "Pho with peanut butter and beef pho" with spices, "Beef pho" where you can enjoy a light but rich soup, "Chicken pho" , and the scent of lemongrass. You can choose from 4 types of "Tomato Chicken Pho".

[Authentic Vietnam Pho at home] Tomato Chicken Pho

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